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Our entire world is built on metal. Things like forging tools, smelting coins, sculpting bronze, and shaping brass are major points in human evolution. Metal is as much a part of us as earth itself. Watch as skilled blacksmiths beat hot metal into shape, or as a sculptor captures the delicate curves of a draped piece of cloth in bronze. In this area you’ll find all kinds of metal work, hot or cold, hard metals or soft metals.


The model engineer

  As a child, [Mike Chrisp] saw a film featuring one of the great narrow gauge English locomotives. While the story was …


A rifle, handmade circa 1700

Today, rifles are made with exacting precision and very complex machine tools for milling, grinding, and boring out the barrel. Long rifles …


Thundercats, HO!

[Tony Swatton], blacksmith, armorer, and prop maker, has built hundreds of custom swords for hundreds of movies and TV shows. He’s also …